How to Clean a Paintball mask?

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Paintball is a game which is played in all parts of the world with identical enthusiasm. This game is based on certain rules as all others are based upon. In this game a player reduce their opponents by pouring paint on them. The teams participating in this game try their best to capture the flag of their enemy team and return it back to its initial position which is the primary objective of this game too.

So if you are fond of playing paintball, then you must keep all the amenities related to this game to grab the triumph. But just possessing those all is not sufficient for a comfortable game. It is so because in this game you are hit by paintball splatter which spoils all of these amenities along with your mask.

Playing with a stained mask could be dangerous regarding your game as well as your face too. Well, to avoid all these problems you must be familiar with cleaning your mask. The basic step of cleaning the mask includes wiping the paintball hits with a soft cloth. Some times oil paint is also used in the game which is hard to wipe off, so rubbing it with cotton cloth is not sufficient. Such type of stains could be easily removed by spraying water on them.

If the paint gets into the crannies and nooks of your mask, then spray water continuously on the stains until it is wiped away because letting these stains dry makes cleaning of your disguise a cumbersome job. Now rub your mask with a clean rag otherwise the paint will be spread around again.

Although these all steps are sufficient to make your mask spotless but to attain proper cleanliness you must treat your lens and eye shade separately. Every mask has the different strategy to remove glass and eyeshades, so consult the user manual that came with the mask. With the eyeshades and lens removed, only spray the stains that you missed during incomplete cleaning and then wipe it with your soft cotton cloth.

Whether it’s some splatter from a near hit or a full-on hit to the face, you need to get your paintball mask back into top shape so that you can get back in the game. While you can only run a rag over the paint, to get your mask clean, you need to take a little more time and follow some simple steps. Be careful while cleaning the lens as excessive wiping with cloth can scratch the glass so avoid letting the paint get dry.